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This gauge has a standard lead time of 7-10 days.
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Product Overview

2 1/16", 0-3k diesel tach with white LED backlighting.

Our new 2 1/16" diesel tach part number R12501 is built in our factory in Portland, OR. It will be replacing part number R8501 when R8501 becomes no longer available.

R12501 features the same font as the standard part number R8501, but with LED backlighting for improved visibility at night. This gauge is sold with a bracket and wiring harness; it designed to tie into our magnetic kits or our Dodge 92 and above tach wiring harness, R8912-92. It is designed to work with 2 pulses per rev or less; the tach cannot be hooked up to a mag sensor, alternator, ignition, etc. It will only work with a magnetic sensor kit.

*For installation in Dodge 91.5 and above, our new filter harness part number R8913 will allow you to wire our tach directly to the factory sensor without R8912-92 tach harness sensor kit part number.*



(No reviews yet) Write a Review