OEM Level Sensors

  • Proven components along with life cycle testing in the field and in the test lab
  • Reduced slosh indications are ideal for marine, high performance, automotive and heavy duty applications
  • Can be supplied with various connectors, wire lead lengths
  • Can be designed for any specific tank sizes or design from 4" - 96"
  • Can be designed for various resistance curves and microprocessor type circuitry requirements ( 0-5 VDC
  • Can be designed for different medium applications with the use of durable conformal coatings
  • Aluminum extrusion provides protection for the float and PC board
  • Plastic cap provides mounting to SAE 5 - hole bolt pattern in a encapsulated type flange or low profile height profile
  • Float moves independently with the level of the fuel. This is the only moving part.
  • Bio-diesel, vegetable oil, alchol,hydraulic oil, engine oil and non-potable water compatible ( consult factory )
  • The UFS can be ordered to drive 2 gauges or activate low or high levels
  • horizontally mounted reed switches provide greater accuracy and resolution
  • UFS can be designed for volumetric or non volumetric tanks