New from ISSPRO! EV3 gauge kits are being released in March!

Posted by ISSPRO sales team on Mar 6th 2023

New from ISSPRO! EV3 gauge kits are being released in March!

ISSPRO is proud to announce the release of our newest gauge line called EV3. 

You may be asking yourself why EV3? What are the differences between EV3 and EV²? 

The main difference between our current EV² style gauges and our newest EV3 style gauges are; EV3 gauges are built with multicolored LED's for customizable backlighting and pointer colors on your gauge face and are built with blue tooth on the circuit board for connecting to your gauge via our ISSPRO app (available for Apple and Android) to set the attributes on the gauge, such as changing the backlighting, setting the warning light, adjusting the brightness of the LED output, as well as making minor gauge head calibration adjustments! Just like with our traditional programmer for EV², but without having to install software or hook your gauge head to your desktop or laptop.

EV3 are manufactured in house, in our factory in Portland, OR. The gauges are sold with black faces, white pointers, and black bezels and will come programmed white (white pointer, white backlighting) which matches our EV² R11000 series gauges. With the app, you can program the gauge to match your current factory dash or create a custom colored gauge for your truck.

Like EV², these gauges are sold with everything you need for installation.

Gauges not yet available online - please call to place your order with us directly!

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